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Siv Storøy is a Norwegian artist & designer living and working in Hedmark, Norway. Siv creates Limited edition Art prints and paintings, and she is exhibiting her work around the world. 

​As an artist and visual storyteller from Northern Norway, I have been influenced and inspired by stories, myths and fairytales as long as I can remember. My images have this sub-tone of otherworldly and mysterious illusion to them, and I constantly make up stories in my mind as the images emerge. Most of my work is made by a mixed media-technique, consisting of pencil, ink, watercolor and photography. Ultimately, I believe that these different angles mixed together, sometimes can create a somewhat surprisingly result. The unexpected is very exciting and the path is always changing. My most recent line of artwork consists solely of women, portrayed in one way or another. I find myself always returning to creating female characters, wanting to explore new ways of showing their strength or vulnerability. The essence of the female archetypes remains a great mystery, and through my artwork I try to both reveal and maintain that mystery.




A multimedia artist whose works personify a mysterious, somewhat haunted and ethereal appearance, Siv Storøy designs aesthetically striking images using a color palette of predominately black and white that transfix a compelling and contemporary gaze. A feeling of otherworldly and obscure illusion can be extracted from Storøy’s images, transmitting a juxtaposition of digital and reality. Areas of the pictures are digitally overlaid and the opacity is played with, allowing multiple images to be simultaneously exposed. Radiating a dark and dramatic disposition, a harrowingly evocative fantasy is conjured throughout, portraying a rather enticing outcome.

Katie Farley, Blanc Magazine, N.Y


VENENO MAGAZINE DEC 2019 / Cover and 12 page interview.

CREATIVE BOOOM MAGAZINE FEB 2019 / "Artist Siv Storøy´s calming portraits of women that show strength and vulnerability"

FEELGOOD MAGAZINE 2/2018 / "Særegent uttrykk i blandingsteknikk", 8 pages

BLANC MAGAZINE, New York, Feb 2018 / ART by Siv Storøy

FAVRIVER MAG, March 20 / "Mysterious, haunted and ethereal illustrations"

ARTSY SHARK, May 2018 / Featured Artist interview

ACUZAR MAGAZINE, May 2018 / Image feature

ALOA, Online Gallery, September 2018 / Image Feature



2019 – Galleria de Marchi, "Little Treasures", Bologna

2018 – Mentana Art Gallery  «Itinerary Firenze-Londra» at the Royal Opera Arcade Gallery, London

2018 – ”Mystery as Muse”, New York

2018 – Digital Art Factory, Rome 

2018 – STROKE 2018 Art Fair, Munich

2014 – Sommerdagan «Bodies» Meløy



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